Calan 2

An eclectic mix of instruments (guitar, accordion, pipes, violins, harp and the percussive sound of Welsh clogs) aided by some clever electronics, all stirred up with some energetic playing, led to a lively evening’s entertainment.

The music was traditional, and some not so traditional, Welsh music, lots of jigs, fast and furious.

Even though we did not understand some of the songs, the words being in Welsh, the music was fantastic. The lilting Welsh language certainly lends itself admirably to being put to music.

It was not all so furious though, the evening was interspersed with a few slow ballads to give the band a little respite.

The electronics came to the fore with “Jigsaw”, a piece driven by sampling to produce an intriguing “folk mash-up”.

The band related the recent tale of the male band members being deported from the USA on their last tour due to a visa irregularity, inevitably this led to a new song, called, #DeportationSelfie”.

Calan’s fast paced and uplifting arrangements kept the audience in joyous mood throughout the evening.

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