Wow! This was a full-on, full-spectrum sound – no need to turn off your mobile then!

A very polished, extremely enthusiastic performance of immersive music (they classify themselves as folk rock, rock and soul), characterised by an insistent rhythm. They caught the audience from the very first moment, starting with cacophony of sound which slowly morphed into a song with a strong beat and riffs. The end of the first song was greeted by the audience with riotous applause, shouting and whistling. We knew then that this concert was going to be a storm.

By the second song some couples were already up and dancing.

Danny’s strong voice was clean and full of character, though you could not actually make out many of the words – but who cares!

The addition of a sax to the usual guitars and drums added variety and “sophistication” to their sound, increasing the interest. All the band members were going at full pelt all of the time (Danny is a “real belter”) with enormous enthusiasm; they were really in the groove.

There were just a handful of songs where they dropped into slow rock to give the band members a brief rest.

This was all a bit different for Peak Concerts, but it has to be said it was a stupendous evening’s entertainment.

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