Gordon Giltrap’s legendary fretwork joined with Oliver Wakeman’s agile fingers rippling over the keyboards to begin the evening’s entertainment with a series of lullabies, many from their new album “Ravens and Lullabies”, these were typified by Oliver’s innovative and relaxing “Natures Way” while Gordon had fun with his ping-pong delay machine which made “Mrs Singer’s Waltz” ricochet between the speakers in a very relaxing manner.

Having spent time on the Isle of Lundy, Oliver had come up with a piece, “Heaven’s Isle and Montague’s Wreak” which morphed from the relaxing “Heaven’s Isle” into the dynamic and threatening “Montague’s Wreak”, painting superb tonal pictures.

It is difficult to characterise their music, it does not easily drop into any of the standard genres: rock, pop, classical, blues, etc., it is just relaxed, easy listening by two masters of their instruments, the duo are obviously very comfortable playing together.

The evening’s entertainment finished, predictably, with Gordon’s “Heartsong” the instantly recognisable theme music to the “Holiday Programme”.

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