Hat Fitz and Cara 2

They did it again! A truly stellar performance, no wonder we garnered an audience into little Darley Dale from as far afield as Manchester and Leicester.

Cara may have a pure and angelic voice but she is also a real “belter”!

This was an evening of terrific blues, with Hat Fitz’s deep, gruff, earthy, Aussie growling, perfectly complementing Cara’s smooth Irish lilt, soaring to an emotional, soulful wail.

They are also both highly accomplished songwriters as they showcased some of the songs to appear on a forthcoming album. It is amazing what they can do with a guitar (both slide and finger-picking), drums, washboard and whistle. And only a Auzzie backwoodsman like Hat could write a song about a fridge (looking after your tinnies is clearly very important)!

We went from pounding, rhythmic blues, as with “Eliza Blue”, to slow emotional ballads like “Rosy Hackett” about the homeless in Dublin.

This is a truly 50/50 collaboration of these two star performers; each is magical in their own right, but together they are sublime and such fun.

Each song had a tale associated with it, often amusing and interspersed with the occasional, jocular rib-pulling (typical marital “harmony”) which raised many laughs.

The evening drew to a close with Cara soaring to incredible new heights with “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” followed by an encore of a real belter that we could all join in, “Power”.

Brilliant evening, they surely gathered in many more fans.

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