Kieran Goss and Annie

Kieran Goss has a smooth, sonorous voice, ideally suited to the, mainly Irish, ballads which he so loves. He has a surprisingly powerful voice for a relativley diminutive figure and his guitar accompaniment is exquisitly delicate.

The music was generously interspersed with entertaining tales and anecdotes of his life’s travels; from a large family, he is the 10th child of 15!, from being a copyright lawyer to a busker in Europe, to his now global travels as an accomplished singer-songwriter.

Beginning with his favorite busking song, “The Reason Why”, then moving on with a delicate rendition of Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend”; most of his performance was of his own songs, such as “Why Should I be Lonely”, an anti-war song from his new album, “Solo”.

Kieran’s repertoire centres around the emotions he has experienced in his life, such as “Reasons to Leave” about Irish emigration (his many siblings are scattered far and wide) and “People Sleeping”, a lullaby about having to share a bed with your brothers.

During the second half of the show he was joined by his wife, Annie Kinsella, who provided beautiful harmonies to some of his slow, sorrowful ballads, and in duets where their voices melded beautifully together. These were livened by a Country duet, “Good Days, Bad Days” resurrected from their time living in Nashville.

Perhaps the best song of the evening was “That’s What Love is For”, where as a duet they sang a powerful ballad with vitality and passion.

Kieran Goss’s voice has a sonorous simplicity which engenders a very relaxed, evening’s entertainment.

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