Martyn Joseph

Martyn Joseph veritably punched into this concert with a loud and somewhat bluesy “Are You Ready

His music is full of powerful social comment in a folk and sometimes Americana style.

He is a protest singer with a crisp, clear, character-full and very powerful voice, accompanied by brilliant guitar playing. For a solo singer/guitarist his voice and playing positively filled the hall to overflowing.

He quickly engaged the audience, a process at which he is very skilled, with “I Searched For You”, a mix of personal and political. His percussive playing style immediately found favour with the audience who avidly joined in the chorus.

We did get a few slower beat ballads such as “I’m On My Way” which resulted in an audience sing-song.

Martyn has a very easy and engaging style, he knows how to work an audience, sometimes coming out among them and building up riotously enthusiastic applause.

Thunder and Rainbows”, a slow powerful ballad, was a social commentary on life’s inequalities, a subject on which he has very strong views.

His very nimble fingered style of guitar playing was vividly demonstrated with the Spanish acoustic style of “Look Me In The Eye” which slowly morphed into a beat protest ballad.

He did a “Bruce Springsteen” slot with “Blood Brothers” which brought in his accomplished harmonica playing; he does a very good Bruce Springsteen.

This really was an unmissable evening, something special.


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