When you see the Spikedrivers in concert you have to wonder what you have to do to be a really big name on the music scene. Luck? being in the right place at the right time? playing the current fashionable musical genre? who you know…? because if it was just musical panache, and sheer gutsy, fabulous musical performance the Spikedrivers would be up there, right in the top league. The Spikedrivers are simply stunning.

Ben Tyzack’s blues guitar is something to behold, he is totally at one with his instrument, and very innovative with it too, then there is his voice, absolutely perfect for the blues.

But it is the whole package that makes it; the vocals of Constance Redgrave and Maurice McElroy are just right, plus Constance’s pounding bass guitar and brilliant washboard and Maurice’s fabulous drumming. All this conspires to whisk you away to the Deep South, beginning with the favourite “Train Done Gone” (there were several “train” songs”).

Heavy blues numbers were interspersed with country blues and slower, softer numbers like “Blues to the River” whose emotional tension took everyone’s breath away.

The evening drew to a close with a crescendo of numbers, an amazing rendition of “Little Red Rooster” where Ben shone as a blues slide guitar maestro. Raucous calls for encores resulted in a pounding “Baby Bye, Bye” then they tried to lower our adrenalin levels with a slower “No Expectations”, but we were still pumping as we left to go home, but not without picking up a CD or two on the way.

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