Not many bands last for 37 years but it is easy to see why The Blues Band enjoys such longevity. I first saw Paul Jones 50 years ago and he seems to have aged remarkably little since then, I wish I could say the same!

Incredibly the band put in the energy of twenty-somethings but with incomparably better sound than those young things.

Earthy blues and guitars, lifted by amazing harmonica playing. A powerful, clean sound; you could hear every word Paul Jones sang.

The band was very democratic with every member getting a chance to “do their thing”. Tom McGuinness (one of the original members) sang several songs as well as played astounding guitar, songs from “I’ve Got My Eye On You” to a slow and easy “I’m Sitting On Top Of The World”.

A favourite song was the slow blues, “Blue Collar”, which had some fantastic harmonica playing. But we enjoyed country blues and gospel, through Howlin’ Wolf to “Shake Rattle and Roll”.

Brilliant band. Brilliant evening. Very happy audience.

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