Swing Commanders 191215

The Swing Commanders do it again, hitting that sweet spot fair and square, giving a bouncy uplift to the start of the Christmas season.

The 30 minute, pre-concert session where “GI Jive” gave lessons on how to jive proved very popular, if only we could all do it as well as GI Jive!. Actually there were a few couples among the outright novices who really did know how to do their stuff! Very impressive!

GI Jive 191215

Then the Swing Commanders came on stage and got us “In the Mood”, the fluidity, perfection and enthusiasm of their playing is truly astounding.

A whole selection of popular swing songs; “Tuxedo Junction”, Sugar Moon”, “Way Down Yonder in New Orleans”, “Sixteen Tons” (with Peter Riley holding the longest note ever held by any singer), with Bop and Blues thrown in. The band players moving freely around, swapping instruments between songs, these are truly professional musicians with rhythm oozing out of every pore with infectious energy. It has to be said that Siena Lloyds’s command of the clarinet and saxophone is truly amazing and she does most of the fantastic arrangements too.

Jitter bug songs like “Whoa Babe” getting the dancers up on their feet at regular intervals were interspersed with relaxing breaks with lyrical blues such as “Is You Is (Or Is You Ain’t My Baby)”.

The evening rolled along at a furious pace, this was a much better deal than staying at home and watching “Strictly Come Dancing” on the TV!

It is obvious why The Swing Commanders are so popular, this was a truly infectious performance.

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