You know when to go to a Vin Garbutt concert that you are going to get a well rounded evening’s entertainment, he spends almost as much time telling his hilarious anecdotes as he does singing and playing his guitar. You certainly don’t need to be a folk club aficionado to have a great evening.

You can’t get bored listening to Vin’s lilting ballads with his highly accomplished guitar playing, he has such an easy relaxed style.

There is the usual social commentary, for example, “Be As Children” which highlights the dilemma faced by grown men in today’s society when they can see a child about to hurt themselves but political correctness prevents them from intervening.

Positive lyrics also abound as in the ever favourite “Silver and Gold” about an ex-miner turned wedding dress maker after he gets made redundant.

Some of his songs have hard-hitting lyrics as when he highlights the plight of the Kurds in the Middle East, but then there is the more light-hearted and ever popular “Filipino Maid”.

But at the end of the day you leave a Vin Garbutt concert totally relaxed, like you have just had a full body, verbal and musical massage. You could not ask for more.

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